Hey there! Yes, YOU! Have plans for Saturday 04/29/17? Join us for Patrol Borough Brooklyn North’s 5K run! Did you know that out of the 40,000 police officers in New York City, it’s estimated that over 10% have a child with special needs?  As the people responsible for serving and protecting our communities, our men and […]

Flying during this time of year is incredible. You can go up in a t-shirt and shorts instead of layered to the brim. Afternoon overhead sunlight allowing you to see every inch of the city. The sun hanging around longer for more chances to play with exposure. We recently sat down with one of our favorite contributors […]

Listen up guys and gals. If you’ve been wanting to fly with us, but haven’t had the time or the funds – now’s your chance! Enter our #IWantToFlyNYON Photo Contest for the opportunity to win TWO seats on our coveted NYC Experience flight, absolutely FREE. The contest starts now and will be going till midnight Saturday 04/08/17. The […]

It’s been quite a ride since we first opened our doors in 2012. And the way our favorite city keeps progressing? We’re never going to stop. Hard to believe the photo above was taken just 5 years ago. On one of our very first rides by founder and CEO, Patrick Day. So much has changed since then. New York City […]

At FlyNYON, we get the opportunity to soar above the city during the most spectacular times of the day. The rarest time of all – Sunrise. Catching the sun rising over Manhattan in our open door helicopters from the sky is something only a few people can say they’ve gotten to experience. This Saturday, it could […]