Doors Off Helicopters


Open door season is upon us and FlyNYON is ready to take you on the ride of your life!

Once you join us in our doorless helicopters, we securely harness you in and take you and your friends high into the skies over the stunning landmarks of NYC, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco! Our unique doorless experience is ideal for those looking to capture breathtaking photos from our rarely seen vantage points.


Experience the surreal nature of floating above these magnificent cities while snapping shot after shot from amazing and unthinkable photos. Warning: Our frequent flyers prove that this experience is addicting, the rush is unforgettable and the photos you’ll get will be breathtaking. 

Once you fly in our doorless helicopters you’ll never want to fly any other way! Rock your favorite kicks and snap one of our signature “FlyNYON Shoe Selfie’s”.


Our photo centric pilots are well-equipped to capture your most desired and unique angles for all of your aerial photography needs. Not only that, but our staff of knowledgeable photographers and videographers are there to answer any pre-flight questions so you and your friends can head up into the sky armed with the knowledge necessary to take your best possible shots.

Every FlyNYON flight is completely customizable which means you can get creative and capture those timeless shots that are guaranteed to rival any professional aerial shot out there! We offer flights in the daytime, sunset and at night. Every time of day is always unique and stunning making this an experience you’ll want to try again and again. 


Seeing these iconic cities from the sky will make you fall in love with them all over again. This truly is one of those rare experiences everyone should try and no one will ever forget.

To book a Doors Off Photo Flight in NYC,
Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco.