The Gift of Flight

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NYC Snapshot

Available: Saturdays & Sundays for a Limited Time
Departs from NJ

12 Minute Flight
$ 169 per seat

The NYC Snapshot is our latest aerial photography experience. We have crafted an introductory photo flight to help you practice shooting without the higher cost of a longer flight. Come test your skills in the newest addition to our fleet which features open air windows designed specifically for photography. By keeping doors on we can get on location quicker to get you a variety of shots for a great price. With doors closed and windows open, achieve great images in a warm space without the glare from the glass.

This 12 minute flight will have you soaring in the NYC harbor. As with all our photo flights, you choose your focus: Lady Liberty, the downtown NYC skyline and Governor’s Island are all at your disposal.

We're offering this introductory product in the late afternoon and evening so you can practice your photography techniques in a closed helicopter.

If you are looking for our traditional open door flight, check out the NYC Experience and NYC Classic.

*Credits are redeemable for 18 months

Las Vegas: The Strip

Available:Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Departs from SpeedVegas

20 Minute Flight
$ 199 per seat

FlyNYON Vegas brings the ultimate photo experience to the entertainment capital of the world! Join the experts in heli-photo flights for this unique and never before offered view of the strip.

Our signature open door photo flight will take you up above the world famous Las Vegas strip like no one else can. This 20 minute Strip flight is the perfect way to see all the sights of the brightest city in the world, in just one shot! Capture the towering presence of the Stratosphere, the fountains and pools lining Las Vegas Boulevard and more. Where else can you shoot photos of New York, the Eiffel Tower and a pyramid all in one flight? It’s Vegas and Vegas alone.

We’ve designed our flights so both sides get equally incredible views of all the action below. Every seat is winner with FlyNYON Vegas.

*Credits are redeemable for 18 months

NYC Experience

Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Departs from NJ

15 Minute Flight
$ 219 per seat

A great entry level flight for those who want to get a taste of aerial photography and test out their skills at an intro price, before committing to the longer, curated experiences. This 15-minute, harbor-based flight offers signature downtown skyline views from a distinct vantage point that gets you up close and personal with Lady Liberty like no one else. Reserve a single seat, fly with your friends or let us pair you with other passengers flying at the same time!

Within seconds after takeoff, NYC will be in your sight line so have your camera ready to capture amazing downtown landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, Governor’s Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park, the World Trade Center and NYC’s Financial District. And, there’s always time for your very own shoe selfies that you will want to share across social media for the ultimate bragging rights…none of your friends will be able to post photos like that!

Not enough? Reserve your seat on the NYC Classic for more time in the air to include Midtown, Central Park, Times Square and more!

*Credits are redeemable for 18 months

FlyNYON Miami

Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday

40 Minute Flight
$ 399 per seat

This 40-minute aerial photography experience puts you in perfect position to capture the best of Miami. Revel in the gorgeous Miami skyline before you hover in super close on the eclectic mix of downtown Miami, the stunning oceanfront mansions, the wide-open beaches and breath-taking private islands. The striking contrast of the beautiful turquoise oceans, white sand beaches, and colorful beach umbrellas sets up a natural, exquisite composition for a frame-worthy shot.

The Miami “40” is a memorable treat for locals and visitors alike, offering a unique bird’s eye view and VIP perspective of the ever-changing Miami skyline you won’t get anywhere else. Whether you want to go up by yourself or with a small group, the flexible scheduling combined with the beautiful Miami weather makes every day a good day to take a photo flight!

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for?
Contact to discuss private photo flights or any other requests.

*Credits are redeemable for 18 months

Manhattan Premium

Available: Monday, Friday
Departs from: E. 34th St.

15 Minute Flight
$ 449 per seat

Pop into the ultra chic, private passenger BLADE Lounge East to board a very efficient 15 minute flight above Manhattan. This super convenient midtown location makes it accessible for all, and has you suspended above the city in just seconds allowing you to maximize your flight time.

Whether the group flying decides to venture South for downtown views of Battery Park, Ellis Island and the Brooklyn Bridge or you have your sights set North for the midtown favorites of Times Square and Central Park, you will experience the most breathtaking vantage points and have the opportunity to capture amazing shots of NYC’s most iconic landmarks.

Limited spots are available, so book your seat today and test out your skills shooting the world-renowned architecture of New York City. Individual seat reservations are not a problem, just plan on making new friends on your flight!

*Credits are redeemable for 18 months

NYC Classic

Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Departs from NJ

30 Minute Flight
$ 499 per seat

This expanded 30-minute flight allows you to customize your flight path and cover all of Manhattan at once for the ultimate NYC aerial photography experience. The close proximity of the Kearny, NJ heliport provides amazing Manhattan skyline views just seconds after takeoff and then the views just get better and better. Your dedicated pilot will collaborate with the passengers on each flight to deliver the best vantage points of some of the most iconic New York City landmarks: uptown, downtown and everything in between creating a truly unique experience every flight.

Don’t limit yourself to the Statue of Liberty and Battery Park; create a shot list of your favorite spots and get your camera ready! And, the longer flight time allows your pilot to make a second pass for multiple angles, superior details and unique shots that present themselves every day. The Manhattan Classic offers multiple flight options each week, including sunset availability that showcases a beautiful, natural filter of the city that everyone should experience at least once!

Flying solo? No problem, we will pair you with other passengers booked for the same time.

*Credits are redeemable for 18 months

LA Premiere

Available: Saturdays
Departs from Van Nuys, CA

42 Minute Flight
$ 499 per seat

Fly high above the stars in the Hollywood Hills on this 42 minute custom photo flight. FlyNYON LA allows plenty of time to capture everything the City of Angels has to offer.

Have your camera ready and photograph the iconic Hollywood sign and Downtown Los Angeles. Shoot the Staples Center,  Dolby Theatre and and the U.S. Bank Tower and still have time for the Getty Museum, Universal Studios, Playboy Mansion and Dodgers Stadiums all without sitting in an ounce of LA traffic.

*Credits are redeemable for 18 months

Las Vegas: The Canyon

Available: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Departs from Boulder City

60 Minute Flight
$ 699 per seat

FlyNYON brings it’s unprecedented expertise and truly unique views to the Grand Canyon. Fly with the team that brought the first of it’s kind heli-photo flights to market.

Photograph the Grand Canyon from the most exclusive vantage point, the sky. Strap into the helicopter and let our photo centric pilots put you in position to shoot the Hoover Dam, Indian Pass, and Lake Mead. Then travel over the ridge into one of the most beautiful Seven Wonders of the Natural World, the Grand Canyon. Shoot its expansive natural beauty and the Colorado River at altitude before heading back to base. This 60 minute flight is an experience not to be missed and never before offered.

There are two seating options on this flight:
**The front seats are available as a pair for $699. These seats are located in co-pilot position in the front of the helicopter. These seats are enclosed, but offer panoramic views and a window that can be opened mid flight.

** The back seat are available for $699 each. With sliding doors that can be opened during flight, all back seats will have opportunities to shoot unobstructed and of course, grab our signature FlyNYON shoe selfie.

*Credits are redeemable for 18 months