Winter is coming.

All the memes have been warning us that “winter is coming” and guess what: it’s here.


FlyNYON is the ultimate photo experience, and we fly year round. Winter adds a unique perspective to capturing NYC from above. Especially after a fresh snowfall. As temperatures and wind chills drop below freezing, we adapt and make some changes. Here’s what to expect on a winter FlyNYON flight.

Shooting out the front windshield is always an option

Below 45°F, front doors are put back on. This will keep your pilot warm and focused on flying. It also provides a cozy front seat when the heat is turned on. Photo ops include shooting out the front as always, or out an open side window for reduced glare.

Small sliding windows in front for glare free shooting

On milder days (above 25°F), harnessed passengers could channel their inner action star and slide doors open mid-flight. This is great for winter boot shoe selfies on unseasonably warm days. Altitude and wind chill play a major role this season, so we’ll train you to close them too.

Shoe selfies to capture those winter boots.

Photo windows in the back seat slide open and give rear passengers the opportunity to capture the city sans glare. The aircraft interior is still removed so there’s plenty of room for two photographers to share the view.

Large open air photo windows available.

Our goal is to provide the ultimate photo experience in aerial photography. Whether it’s a doors off helicopter or doors on, The views are like nothing else.

Winter Wonderland