A Pilots Perspective

We recently sat down with Tim Orr, our COO, Pilot and Contributing Photographer, to hear about his unique FlyNYON perspective. Tim, having the technical eye of a photographer paired with the skill of an accomplished pilot, gives us a rarely seen glimpse into two vastly different, yet connected worlds through FlyNYON.

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Tim: As a pilot for FlyNYON I try to find the light.  Obviously, some days are better than others.  However, I try to find the unique reflections, colors that take a building or landscape from interesting to fantastic. Sharing what I see from my seat with our FlyNYON customers is what we are all about. Sharing our view is what this company was founded on. Hearing the “oohs” and “aahs” over the wind and rotor noise is music to our ears.


Tim: Now, as the photographer,  I’m spoiled.  I get to see our city form the air all the time, so finding something different, or I haven’t seen, is the task.  Fortunately NYC is so big, vibrant and interesting; there is rarely something you can’t find to capture.  I’m always looking for the diverse image whether flying or shooting.

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