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Here at FlyNYON, we truly enjoy introducing people to the world of aerial photography. As with most things, we understand practice makes perfect. We are introducing our newest product, NYON Pro, to give our flyers the opportunity to get up multiple times at an affordable rate. Our passengers aren’t just customers – they’re friends. We’ve developed strong relationships with most of our flyers, especially the frequent ones. We trade photos, talk about how to best utilize our cameras, and strap in to grab some of the best photos of the city that exist. Our NYON Pro packages combine everything we love about our brand into one experience. Fly a few times and hone your skills with multiple tries and tips from our veteran aerial photographers.

The inspiration for this new offer came from FlyNYON flyers who used their aerial shots to take them to new heights. They used their photos to fill their Instagram accounts and wow their followers. They built beautiful, fully-loaded portfolios.

It’s hard to imagine what heights the ultimate photo experience can take you. When Matt Pugliese flew with us on July 2nd, the possibility of winning $5,000 didn’t even cross his mind. He had been putting the flight off for years, but his wife treated him to the NYC Classic as a birthday gift. Matt was so ecstatic from the experience and images he captured, he bought his next flight as soon as he got back from the hangar.


Fast forward two months and Matt is proud to announce he is the grand prize winner of the 2016 Empire State Building #ESBstory contest. Alongside several FlyNYON passengers who were finalists, his photo is prominently on display in the lobby of the Empire State Building, and the profile photo for all social media account of @EmpireStateBldg.
When asked what he’d do with the money, another FlyNYON flight is already on the books.

Another recent flyer, Colleen O’Shea, won our #wowNYON photo contest earlier this year. Although we gave her many props and the prize of a flight for four, the big reward came from elsewhere. Hear it from her herself:


“I just want to thank you guys for creating this company and giving everyone the chance to have this experience. My portfolio had photos from my first flight and it blew a company away during an interview, opening the door for me for a job that I started 4 weeks ago with the Ohio State Highway Patrol where at times I will get to shoot from their helicopter too. Just wanted to share that with you!”

Pleased at all of the satisfied comments and remarks, we thought we’d open up these new package deals to save our frequent flyers some money and get more flights in! With the holiday season coming up and some awesome fall and winter shots to be captured, we’re psyched about the upcoming holiday season.

Book NYON Pro and start scheduling your flights!