FlyNYON Miami!

By now, you know all about our FlyNYON flights over New York City. But did you know that we fly over sunny, beautiful South Beach all year long? Some of our frequent flyers who have flown in both cities told us a little about their experience on our Miami open door helicopter photo flights! Check it out below:


“I’ve flown with Flynyon over NYC already a few times and I really can get enough. I love it. But flying with a doors off over Miami is another adventure. South Beach, white sand beach, turquoise water, colored umbrellas and Miami’s legend “Fontainebleau Hotel. The Port of Miami where you see the newest luxury cruise ships ready to leave to the Caribbean and downtown Miami with impressive skyscrapers. Luxury homes with boat docks and exclusive yachts. This is only a little review from what you can discover out of your helicopter tour. But the pilots know exactly where to fly for the best pictures and the most exclusive view. The Flynyon team couldn’t be more friendly and the pilots are fantastic.”

-Brigitte Perez (@brigitte_pz)


“Beside i’m not a US citizen I traveled a lot in US in the past few years. I flew with many aerial tour companies before discovering FlyNyOn, their service is literally over the top. They have the best customer and passenger experience on board, they assisted me to reschedule a flight due of bad weather condition many time to meet my needs.

If you visit Miami and if you have not to much time book an helicopter tour with Flynyon it is the best thing you can do to get amazing images of most of the
best sport of the city that only from the sky you can get.
Miami is amazing to watch from the sky!! Only from an helicopter you can get a bird eye view above the beach.”
-Francesco Salvaggio (@franckreporter)
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