Open Door Helicopter

An Open Door Photo Helicopter Flight in New York!

Did you ever want to take photos from an open door helicopter but were not sure how to make it happen? Well, let us make it happen for you – grab a seat on our entry level flight that allows you to capture some of the greatest and most famous landmarks in the NYC area in a span of 12 minutes.


To experience the true nature of aerial photography, the doors are open on our helicopter flights, but rest assured, we take the utmost precautions regarding your safety at all times. This is a short, yet eventful flight that helps you to gauge your skill as a photographer by identifying your strengths and weaknesses.


The harbor-based ride starts from New Jersey and offers exceptional downtown skyline views from a distinct vantage point. Make sure you are poised to start clicking because the notable landmarks will soon be within your sight. Get a close-up of the grand Brooklyn Bridge, salute the glorious Lady Liberty, and capture scintillating views of Governor’s Island. Other attractions to be covered during the flight are the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, Battery Park, the World Trade Center and NYC’s Financial District, where some of the most brilliant minds go to work everyday.


The photocentric pilot efficiently guides you through these places, so you can take lovely pictures from different angles. All flights are scheduled during the afternoon or evening, so you can take full advantage of the lighting – you get to enjoy the sunset or watch the beautiful city in its nighttime splendor.  Don’t forget to snap a few sneaker selfies – it will boost your social media profile like never before.


A maximum of 5 persons will be permitted per helicopter with one seat starting at $199 dollars. If you are yet to decide upon a date of your convenience, you can buy a “seat credit” instead and schedule later on. Don’t let the opportunity of honing your flair for the camera go to waste – book your ride now!

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