Spoiled NYC wants to give you two seats in the sky with FlyNYON!

Our friends at Spoiled NYC know how to live it up. They’ve been pretty much writing the book on the best ways to experience New York City. So, to no surprise, they found us and want you aboard a flight as well.

From the best mimosa and omelette-filled brunches to must-attend art or comedy events, Spoiled NYC has it all covered. When they found out there was another way to see the city other than on your feet, they had to check it out. We’ve introduced an ideal aerial experience that lets you get a full view of the monstrous buildings below from our doors off helicopters.


In light of the November fall foliage and our new NYON Pro packages, Spoiled NYC is giving away $1,000 worth of FlyNYON flights. What does that mean? Well, you and your best friend get to take a 30-minute helicopter flight through the world-famous NYC skyline. Enter Now to throw your hat in the ring for your chance to win!

Besides the experience itself, this is a chance for anyone to flood their Instagram portfolio with #shoeselfies, portraits of the Empire City, and incredible light displays from the streets of the City That Never Sleeps. On a flight like this, there’s no doubt you’ll gain both images and followers.  Show off those thrilling shots they know you took (especially if they know what kind of shoes you like to wear. #shoeselfie).