Things To Do in the City

New York City is the heart of the United States. It is the global city of power and mystery which houses the largest percentage of the United States population. NYC has one of the best climates, architecture, landscapes, parks, education centers, tourist attractions and infrastructure. Leadership in this city is quite remarkable the reason the city enjoys stabilized economy, best fashion designs, upscale entertainment centers and space-age industries. Every year, the city records a whopping number of visitors in form of tourists. If you choose to visit New York City either as a sole traveler or as a family, here are 25 of the top things to do in the City.

1. Take a Ride in the Grand Central Terminal
If you are the kind of people who love moving around with trains, taking a ride with the Grand Central Terminal is one of the best things you can do in New York City. Grand Central Terminal is 103 years old station that connects to various cities within the US and moves more than five hundred thousand travelers each day.

2. Take a walk Or Skate in Central Park
Central Park is one the largest parks in NYC that attracts more than twenty five million visitors yearly. It is large enough to keep you busy for several days.

3. Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
During your tour in New York City, you can likewise choose to explore the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This garden covers 52 acres of properly nurtured plants, grass, flowers and gardens hence you are sure to make the most out of your time when you tour this garden.

4. Visit the Statue of Liberty
This enormous statue counts as one of the largest and most visited statues around the entire globe. It is one of the places in New York City which can keep your eyes busy for days.

5. Explore the Staten Island Ferry
This is another wonderful attraction in NYC where you can explore to keep yourself busy. Here, you can take free rides either on a ferry or boat depending on your preferences.

6. Have Fun at Bryant Park
At Bryant Park, you can do a whole lot of things including but not limited to ice skating, eating your favorite dish, watching free summer movies or interacting with new people. Bryant Park is one of the funniest and mind-boggling places around NYC.

7. Have a View of Antiques and Arts in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of art is one of the must-visit places when touring NYC. It is one of the world’s biggest and most visited art museums hence the least you can expect when you visit it is wonderful arts and antiques.

8. Experience Great Artwork in Broadway Musicals
Broadway Musicals is another of the greatest places you must pay visit when in NYC. Here you will experience lots of auditorium options and awesome productions.

9. Shop at the Chelsea Market
Located just around the Meatpacking District, Chelsea Market is an outstanding foods hall that attracts vendors and shops from different parts of the world. Here you can find your favorite indoor foods including cheesecakes, wines, soup, cheese and coffee.

10. Take a Walk through the Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge is the eldest hybrid cable-suspension bridge in New York City. Taking a walk through this bridge will expose you to great and admirable skyline views, piers and parks.

11. Experience the Amazing Neon Advertisements and Pageant Atmosphere in Times Square
Time square is physical attraction within the New York City that sits between the Seventh Avenue and Broadway Junction. It offers wonderful festive-like atmosphere and decorated by brilliant neon signs and advertisements which will keep you alert throughout your voyage.

12. Experience the Open-air Views and Wonderful Design of Empire State Building
When you tour New York City, you can as well decide to experience the wonderful open-air views and design of the Empire State building. This is one of the highest towers in New York City that is situated in Midtown Manhattan.

13. Find and Freely Read Your Favorite Books and Journals inside the New York Public Library
The New York Public Library has been around since 1895 and is widely recognized for offering free access to essential education and information materials. Here you can find and read your favorite books and other information journals free of charge.

14. Watch Top Musicians Perform Live In Carnegie Hall
If you are lover of music, you can visit the Carnegie Hall to watch live music performance from most of the well-know and celebrated musicians in New York City. This hall is popularly known as the perfect destination for all music lovers as it gives the opportunity to smoothly watch their favorite musicians perform.

15. Eat Your Favorite Italian Food in the Eataly Hotel
Italian cookery loves can find lots of food options in the Eataly food court. This Italian food court is popularly known for offering best Italian foods such as free mozzarella, seasonal fish, handmade pasta and prosciutto.

16. Take Dinner or Supper from Five Leaves Brunch
After spending hours touring various attractions and locations around NYC, you can decide to rest and take a yummy lunch in the Five Leaves Brunch.

17. Watch Your Favorite Indies and Retro Programs in the Nitehawk Cinema
Before you return to your city when you tour NYC, make sure you visit Nitehawk Cinema. Nitehawk Cinema is where you will find your best Indies and retro programs at really affordable rates.

18. Buy Takeaway Lunch at Katz’s Delicatessen
Katz’s Delicatessen is your ultimate destination when you choose not to buy takeaway lunch. They offer nourishing foods such as knishes, pastrami and hotdogs.

19. Eat Your Favorite Mexican Dishes from Chavela’s
Chavela’s is the best place around NYC to visit if you want to satisfy your taste-buds with Mexican food. This food cave offers wonderful Mexican dishes at pocket-friendly prices.

20. Take French-Quarter Themed Intoxication Drinks at Maison Premier
When you feel that you need something intoxicating, Maison premier is the place to go. They usually offer top brands of spirits and ale such as monkfish, cold brandade and razor clam.

21. Have a Feast of Beef and Pork Ribs at Fette Sau
Fette Sau is the number one stop for when you want to be served with professionally dry smoked pork and beef ribs together with barbecue sauce.

22. Buy Your Girlfriend Pizza at Barboncino Pizza
When touring NYC with your girlfriend, it is likely she will ask for Pizza. If she does, be sure to visit Barboncino Pizza to get her best wood-burnt and tasty pizzas.

23. Enjoy a Guided Tour at Tenement Museum
At Tenement Museum, you will experience a wonderful experience with a tour guide who will take you through the museum and enlighten you on all you need to know about antiques and immigrant life.

24. Watch Shakespeare in the Park
This wonderful and strategically located park offer Shakespeare book live performances ensuring even those who didn’t grasp anything at high school gets to understand the concepts and message the Shakespeare books try to pass.

25. Celebrate the Sakura Matsuri at the Cherry Blossom Festival
Cherry Blossom Festival takes places every year during the spring months. It is the right event to attend if you want to witness memorial signs like the kabuki dance, pink buds on cherry blossom trees and tea ceremonies.

These are the top best things you can do when you visit NYC. Some of these things are free of charge while others are offered at a cost. When setting for a vocational tour towards NYC, it is therefore important you prepare yourself financially if you want to have access to all of these festivals, events and attraction sites.