What is a Helicopter

What is a Helicopter

Not many people know much about helicopters, how they work and the different kinds that are available. They can be used for various different jobs from business travel and leisure travel to buying a helicopter seat for someone special. Although you do not need to know anything about helicopters to do this, it may help you make your decision when choosing a helicopter.

Just as with pretty much everything, helicopters generally fit into certain classifications. There are three main engine types which include light piston, light turbine helicopters and twin engine helicopters. The type of helicopter used may affect your helicopter charter experience because it can make it faster or more expensive.

The light piston – engine types have two or three seats, the initial costs are low and have air speeds of 80 – 110 miles per hour. This means that you can only go on a helicopter ride with one other person but it is likely to be cheaper than other types of aircraft because its running costs are quite low.

Light turbine helicopters are very popular throughout the world. One type, The A Star is the most popular turbine helicopter and is suitable for a charter flight. There are many reasons why this aircraft is so popular but many people simply like the way it looks and the fact that they tend to be very quick. This is particular beneficial to any businesses who choose to travel this way because time is money and therefore the faster you get somewhere, the less money you are spending.

Twin engine helicopters are very different to those previously mentioned. The price bracket alone increases significantly but it is important to remember that you definitely get what you pay for. Not only do you get a faster machine, but it has also designed to be a lot safer. This means that you can travel to destinations that you can’t do on the other types of helicopters.

Helicopters can seem like a daunting topic because there isn’t as much about them in the media as something such as cars. However, it is easy to get the basic information through books and on the internet. As well as from any company that sells them or offers helicopter charters will be more than happy to answer any questions.