Capture NYC covered in snow this week with FlyNYON!

We’re getting some serious snow this week in New York City and it may be the last snowfall of the season! But don’t worry, there are plenty of opportunities to capture this unique winter landscape for yourself on the ultimate aerial experience!

There is something truly magical about seeing the city covered in a fresh sheet of snow from one of our doorless helicopters. Don’t believe us? Take is from someone who knows!

Hear what one of our frequent flyers John Bogannan, known as @bobo on Instagram,  had to say about his recent epic snow flight with FlyNYON:

“Taking a helicopter flight and seeing New York City covered in snow is something every photographer should experience. The snow almost illuminates the city in the most magical way. I’ve flown a lot, and it was impressively cold, but it was a once in a lifetime flight and I wouldn’t trade it for anything”

Check out some of his favorite shots from the flight below:

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