FlyNYON Made Travel Channel’s ‘Bucket List’ With Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern is one of Travel Channel’s food connoisseurs known for eating things like rotten shark in Iceland or Tarantula soup in Cambodia (as the host of Bizarre Foods). While all that stuff is great, shocking television, we’re not really into doing that.

Instead, we fly doors-off, jet engine helicopters for the ultimate aerial photo experience. That’s why when Zimmern decided to seek the best show in New York, he didn’t choose a Broadway play – he chose to FlyNYON over the Big Apple on his new show ‘Andrew Zimmern’s Bucket List’! Check out this video clip he captured himself here.


After trying delicious pizza from Di Fara and salivating dumplings in China Town, Andrew finished his episode by showing his audience the city – the entire city. We strapped him in and soared all over Manhattan. We stopped by the Statue of Liberty to say hi. We swung him right around the Freedom Tower. We even cut through Times Square to see all the hustling and bustling from above. It was a spectacular time for everyone.

A guy like Zimmern is used to thrill-seeking. While that’s undoubtedly true, a trip with FlyNYON is amazing for someone like him and the inexperienced flyer as well. We guarantee a smooth trip. Andrew did decide to take a classic #shoeselfie off the side of the aircraft, but that’s up to the flyer’s discretion.

Seeing the city from a new perspective is what we’re all about. We love a great slice of pizza, a walk in Central Park, and everything else our great city has to offer – but we think flying is pretty cool too. The Travel Channel tends to agree with us, featuring FlyNYON first on their list of ‘Fall Leaf-Peeping for Lazy People’.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or someone who just loves to take awesome photos, a flight with us is for you. Our pilots are ready to take you on the ride of a lifetime! Hey, it was even on Andrew Zimmern’s #BucketList.

Check out the trailer for the pilot episode below: