NYC through the Years (2012-2017)

It’s been quite a ride since we first opened our doors in 2012. And the way our favorite city keeps progressing? We’re never going to stop.

2012 | FlyNYON CEO Patrick Day | @nyonceo

Hard to believe the photo above was taken just 5 years ago. On one of our very first rides by founder and CEO, Patrick Day.

So much has changed since then. New York City is a place that is always evolving, with new groundbreaking architecture projects going up faster than you can say #shoeselfie! That’s what makes us so excited about not just how far we’ve come, but where we will continue to go.

Well you know what they say, in order to truly appreciate where we are, we have to remember where we’ve been. So let’s take a look back at the city that inspired us to soar to new heights.

2013 | Robert Ruotol | @ruotolophoto

As one of the greatest cities in the world, the big apple has always been most known for it’s breathtaking Manhattan skyline view. In 2013, that view was graced with 3 new additions:

  • Courtyard Residence Inn of Central Park (753 ft, 67 floors)
  • 250 W 55th Street (602 ft, 40 floors)
  • International Gem Tower (501 ft, 34 floors)

2014 | Robert Staley | @staleyphoto

Let freedom ring! 2014 marked the completion of One World Trade Center aka the Freedom Tower. Standing at 1,776 feet with 94 floors, it now officially holds the title for tallest building in NYC! Construction started on 2006 and after 8 long years it is finally done. Other notable additions include:

  • One57 (1004 ft, 75 floors)
  • 4 World Trade Center (977 ft, 65 floors)
  • Hawthorne Park (598 ft, 54 floors)
  • 388 Bridge Street (590 ft, 51 floors)

2015 | Lexi Zozulya | @ch3m1st

In 2015, the tallest residential skyscraper in the world was born. 432 Park Avenue was completed in 2015 and stands at 1396 ft with 85 floors, beating out the beloved Empire State building to secure it’s spot as the second tallest building in New York City! Other completed projects include:

  • Sky Luxury Apartments (676 ft, 71 floors)
  • Avalon Willoughby Square (624 ft, 68 floors)
  • Baccarat Hotel & Residences (605 ft, 46 floors)
  • 50 United Nations Plaza (548 ft, 44 floors)

2016 | Jillian O’Brien | @jayobs

Talk about the city that never sleeps! 2016 was a big year, marking the completion of 9 skyscrapers:

  • 30 Park Place (926 ft, 67 floors)
  • 10 Hudson Yards (878 ft, 52 floors)
  • 56 Leonard Street (821 ft, 57 floors)
  • 252 E 57th Street (715 ft, 65 floors)
  • 551 10th Ave (612 ft, 52 floors)
  • The Ashland (568 ft, 52 floors)
  • The Encore (533 ft, 48 floors)
  • 21 West End Ave (529 ft, 45 floors)
  • City Point Tower II (525 ft, 46 floors)

2017 | Jordan Turner | @jcallahanphotography

And we’re back! 2017 just started and if you think NYC has reached it’s peak in creativity, think again! A project, appropriately named “The Big Bend”, has been stirring up quite the buzz lately with it’s revolutionary idea to create “the world’s longest skyscraper.” If approved, architecture firm Oiio believes this project will become one of the “most prestigious buildings in Manhattan.” So cheers to a view that just keeps getting better and better!

Renderings by Oiio

We’re lucky enough to get to experience one of the best cities in the world…and from the air, it’s even more amazing. Join us for a flight and see for yourself what one of the greatest architectural cities in the world has to offer! 

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